The day has come. No chat. Whatever will you do?

I would suggest starting a forum thread and letting the "chat" occur there.

How long will the chat be gone?

It all depends on how much the forum gets used.




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This is bull shit!

Well I would suggest finding a way to deal with it.

Looks like and banter thread is needed

i tried to talk him off the ledge, guys... to no avail...

It's cool, we can find a new site if it doesn't come back soon.

See you later.

I'm heading over to a site that obsess about cigars to chat.

Umm you were involved. Don't try to back peddle.



Now see the problem I see with this is we are going to sit on this thread forever and bullshit, I guess that will be ok for SEO issues. 

Meh I ain't going anywhere but I may be working more

Interesting. I never once used the chat. I guess I missed out. Forum works like a champ, though.



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