The day has come. No chat. Whatever will you do?

I would suggest starting a forum thread and letting the "chat" occur there.

How long will the chat be gone?

It all depends on how much the forum gets used.




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It just dawned on me that our beloved leader would not have his nicknames if not for the existence of chat -- man angel, MFCEO, husky lancero, etc. all took on a life of their own due, in large part, to chat. If I am wrong on this, my bad...but I found it just a tad ironic.

The same would be true of Generally Useful Jared...but he isn't as important to Logan as Logan is to Logan. 

Back by popular demand....

I knew you didnt have the nuggets Logan. Well played sir

I believe this was the worlds longest April Fools joke.

I'd say you're correct.

Seems like the chat is back!



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