The day has come. No chat. Whatever will you do?

I would suggest starting a forum thread and letting the "chat" occur there.

How long will the chat be gone?

It all depends on how much the forum gets used.




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Knew this was coming you sly bastard

Tomorrow is going to be very boring...

Also, love the banner.

did you also disable the function where we could see who was online?

It is one an the same and it is gone.

I'm curious as to the real reason for this?  It was one of the biggest reasons I started using this site, as so many other sites are nothing more than forums with this one being different.  

Because I said. I am the f****** king around here. Actually, there is a lot of reasons which I am surprised you have never heard me rant about. The basic reason is people sit in the chat and doing nothing else on the site. This means all the great content in the chat is lost and can't be referenced, indexed by Google, etc.

Yea yea, king and all that jazz.  I just knew there was actually more to it.  I don't think I was around during your rants though lol.  But basically you need us to utilize chat more to help the great stuff reach more people via searches exc.  Now I have to work and stuff.  :P

LOL Doug...leave Logan on his high horse..this is how he feels special w/ labels like "MFCEO", King, top dog, Man Angel, makes him feel a part of ;-)

The balls on this guy


I have my suspicions, time will tell. :)



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