Use this to let it out of your system.... All those random things that don't really justify a thread but you feel like sharing anyway...

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The chat being dead aint all that bad.

(coming from someone who rarely uses it) ;-)

I cant sit and chat all day, thats for people who have a) access to chat + either of the following b)made it in life on the job and can do that c) retired d)don't have a job e) student and has days they dont attend school or f) single.
lol no really I just don't have the time to sit and chat all day but I do like to stop by and see whats up

LOL I know...I'm with you...seems like the Techies are the ones who are always camping in the chat or the ones that sit on a comp all day. I was just playing with you, although I like to pop in on chat when I check my email or smoke my evening cigar.

I knew u were just messing, I'm clowning too. Just having some fun with this no Fedheadchat



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