Use this to let it out of your system.... All those random things that don't really justify a thread but you feel like sharing anyway...

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I'll start... It's a beautiful day out and I don't wan to be at work. I want to be my back yard smoking a cigar. Have a good Friday all


If this is how we are going to communicate I would suggest an opt in button for the get email things - I always forget to opt out and my inbox is packed!

I know..same here. That's why I liked the chat ;-)

Finding new posts within a thread is very difficult - I don't mind this way of doing things but there are ways to improve the functionality of it.

Is this the bitch/suggestion discussion?

this is the "I have something to say, bit it does not really justify a new discussion" thread.




An setup and IRC channel for chatting. Check his post for link.

Yo! The site is unblocked today!!!!!!!!!!



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