Here's the question:  Do you have something special picked out for that post-turkey smoke?  Will you select smokes to share with family members?  


I'm still in the thinking process.  My brother-in-law is joining us, so I'll pick out something I have at least 2 of to share with him, and so I'm not smoking an Opus while he's smoking a Backwoods...hmmm, I wonder if I have a pair of OpusX...Don't worry, I'll figure it out!


Best Holiday wishes to everyone!





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I usually just pick out whatever jumps out of the cab when I open it...   I will be smoking a turkey and will have he chance to smoke a few cigars at the same time, so I should be all set... :)

Smoking a turkey?  Wow, how do you keep it lit? <rimshot>


Bill, I wish you and your family the best!  Keep the excellent podcasts coming!


I'll be smoking a ham rather than a turkey this year (friends are doing the turkey).  Meanwhile, I don't know which cigar(s) I'll be having...but there will be several :)

I guess I'm still in the thinking process as well.  But I guess I have a number of options available, though - I'll be firing up the smoker at 4:30am to smoke a ham.  So, I'll be having a number of cigars throughout the day.  The only special stick I know I'll smoke will be one of my Casa Fuentes I've had lying around since the CFC trip in February.  Other than that, I'll just wing it as the day progresses.

Will smoke whatever hits me when I open the Humi

I went with a Liga Privada No. 9. It was excellent.



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