My personal favorite holiday is shortly upon us. What are you planning on smoking that day/week? Nothing better than a great smoke on a full stomach of the year's best food (in my house anyway).

Post your list now if you have one, or some possibilities, or what you've smoked in the past. And how about some pictures on the big day or the lead up?

Looking forward to hearing what you guys are planning and seeing those smokes in action! (Or, if no one responds, checking the pics in the Photos section on turkey day.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Time to go online and find those Honey Badgers. Out of curiousity, what other cigars are you a big fan of, Cliff?

One label that doesn't seem to have caught traction yet in the U.S. market is the Horacio line. Nicaraguans out of a very small operation, so supply will probably always be an issue, Horacios are (I gather) mostly known in Europe, but they are available from at least one U.S. retailer that I know of. A Google search should turn them up. They are incredible, dreamy cigars -- I have likened them to Godiva chocolate-nut sticks. I wouldn't call them complex -- just rich and delicious, high-end stuff. Not too pricey, either, for what you get -- at least so far, so I've got 10 boxes in the coolidor in my spare room.

I have adored La Gloria Cubana Wavells for so long I can't remember.

And the Dominican Montecristo Churchill is, for me, always a monumental 2-hour pleasure. Their typical $10/stick price makes them an occasional treat for poor little me, but once in a while one of the big online retailers will run a half-price sale, and I always try to pounce when I can.

Really, though, I have a place in my heart for most any well-made long-filler. :)

Thanks for the info, Cliff! Have not tried any of those (obviously not the Horacios). Much obliged. Are the LGCs Cuban or Dominican?
Here's a little review type thing I found on Horacio cigars. Interesting.

Dominican. The Dominican Wavell is widely available for $4/stick, and to me it's a consistently great smoke for that price. Just a great value.

My experience with Cubans is admittedly limited. I'm just now starting to learn more about them. I bought a couple boxes of Cuban Montecristo Edmundos when I spied them on sale at a European outlet. They are rich and fine, but they give me, of all things, tongue bite! I've been a pipe smoker for 40 years, and thought I could smoke road kill without getting tongue bite, so getting it from a cigar took me a bit by surprise. I'm thinking those cigars need a few years of rest in the coolidor. I can wait. Meanwhile, I've got some other Cubans on order now (Fonsecas); and I do plan to score some of the Cuban La Glorias to see how they compare -- when I can afford it. One day at a time, you know.

Absolutely. And it sounds like you're well stocked in the meantime.

Just got out of the hot tub after my King is Dead little guy that I got from ShadowBates... great smoke... but getting too cold out for anything bigger....paired with a Glenlivet Founders reserve

Have a great holiday guys!




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