My personal favorite holiday is shortly upon us. What are you planning on smoking that day/week? Nothing better than a great smoke on a full stomach of the year's best food (in my house anyway).

Post your list now if you have one, or some possibilities, or what you've smoked in the past. And how about some pictures on the big day or the lead up?

Looking forward to hearing what you guys are planning and seeing those smokes in action! (Or, if no one responds, checking the pics in the Photos section on turkey day.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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It was a pretty decent day, weather wise. Above 50. I sat on my deck and had an Ezra Zion Chocolate Porter and talked with a younger brother I haven't seen much in the last 10 years. It was a good day.

That sounds like a great day, Nick. Glad you got to catch up with your brother.

I still have no idea where we are going to be, some family issues are keeping people in fighting. There is about a 60-40 chance I will be at home. Which means after dinner the family will be inside yacking away and I will sneak out to the garage to smoke and watch football. Which will end up what I normally do and blindly reach into my desktop humidor and hope for the best. 

That seems to pay off for you pretty well.
I'm going to have the time so I'm thinking Davidoff Royal Salomones.. 57 x 8 1/4.. The old version..
You are not messing around! I hope that bad boy treats you well
All day smoke!
I will rethink my smokes this week. My son (2 and a half) is recovering from adenoids and tonsils surgery, and is pretty unhappy. It will be short smokes when possible, with premium beer. As my wife just said, before she took over, "Go smoke a cigar and get drunk." I always listen to my wife.
Now THATS a plan! Lol
Going great so far!
And, thanks to you gents and your pictures, I have excellent beers to go with the shorties. Picked up Death by Coconut today.

My employer pays me to (among other things) write cigar reviews, so I don't write them for other parties or venues. But I must say, the Cigar Federation Factory Direct Boutique "Honey Badger" is one of the best cigars for the money I have yet to find -- and it is with one of those that I spent the past hour this Thanksgiving evening. I think I've gone through 15 of them to date, and tonight I broke down and ordered 30 more. Really, just a splendid cigar.

Of course, that's just me. We all know, body chemistry dictates how any particular smoke will strike any one of us. But the Honey Badger scratches me right where I itch. Wish I could splurge on a lifetime supply of them, but even though the price is right, I still have other bills to pay. At any rate, my hat is off to Cigar Federation for having brought us the Honey Badger. Bravo!



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