My personal favorite holiday is shortly upon us. What are you planning on smoking that day/week? Nothing better than a great smoke on a full stomach of the year's best food (in my house anyway).

Post your list now if you have one, or some possibilities, or what you've smoked in the past. And how about some pictures on the big day or the lead up?

Looking forward to hearing what you guys are planning and seeing those smokes in action! (Or, if no one responds, checking the pics in the Photos section on turkey day.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Right now, I'm thinking bold cigars and/or a Churchill. Maybe an FFP or another Liga on the bold side. Maybe a Sobremesa en cedro, or a big Opus X or an Añejo on the Churchill side. So many fun choices when it's a celebration.

I typically don't have much time to smoke on Thanksgiving day so I like to break out smaller cigars. I always smoke a Fuente Short Story Maduro. If I have more time the Tierra Volcan Corto and Illusione Rothschild are likely suspects for this year.

Those are great ones to get in when time is short, Jason.
My dad and I always smoke together, and since he doesn't venture far beyond his every day cigars I like to give him something special. This year we will be smoking some phantoms after the big meal.
That's a cool tradition! And, I can't wait until those new Phantoms reappear on the market.

I was totally expecting to find turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato infused cigars on this thread when I opened it.  I feel let down lol.  ;)

In all seriousness, I do not even know what we're doing for the holiday since the misses has to work on Friday and we can't travel.  I'm sure I will light up whatever fits my mood that day.  I do like seeing you guys post some quality cigars though!

I think that's a Ted's project coming down the line, Doug. And it's crazy that folks don't have Friday off.

It's normally categorized as a floating holiday, so some companies use the day elsewhere.  She works in the mortgage industry, so it's a normal banking day.  Plus all the other managers are taking off, so she got stuck.  :/

That's nuts. But I'm glad you'll be able to at least have the day. It's actually an entire week in my school district, but that's because everyone needs a looooong break by that time. Even more so in high school. I don't think I've ever needed the time off more than this year.

Yea my kids are off Thursday and Friday, but they do the 'full year' program.  They are only off June and July and get two weeks off in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  

Next year the other managers can be ON.

I think CAO might have a cranberry infused stick for the holiday. ;-)

I don't have time on Thanksgiving day, but I do have Friday and the weekend to spend at the beach.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.



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