Hey thanks so much Rob! Excited to try quite a few of these (some will have to wait due to size and cold weather)....LOL had to toss in that Frog Splash didnt you!

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Buckingham, 512 D'C, OR Mr. Sam, Little Boris, Protocol, Rodrigo, El Gueguense, Gunslinger, Southern Draw 2x, CAO Pilon, Leccia Frog Splash (idk bout this size lol), Camacho Shellback, La Gloria R Esteli....


I figured you're collection needed a 70 rg box-press...  The unbanded is the Buckingham and that Mr. Sam is form the OR... enjoy bro... sorry it took so long... now I need to take care of Stefan and Man Angel...

Hey thanks Rob! No worries on the time...not like I'm hurting for cigars ;-)

IDK if I'll smoke that Frog Splash lol It may be saved for a future bomb LOL 

I really appreciate it!

i think we all assume that a certain % of the cigars we send out get used for future bombs... as long as they end up in the hands one someone who wants them, that's all that matters... but I figure if I have to smoke that one for a review, someone else here better smoke it too...

LOL now that I actually take it out of the cello and smell it...I might actually smoke it! I'll take one for the team..I'm sure they are good but damn wtf is up with that size LOL

Damn, that's a wicked selection!

I know right...



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