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The Wolfman is Dynamite... I really dig this cigar!

The Wolfman was a great stick, perfect amount of spice and creaminess, fits my pallet perfectly!

That's just my thing, full bodied bad ass stick. Fantastic video guys, first time I have EVER laughed during a review.

Ya...I think these guys are an f-ing riot!

Hahha...I agree.

I enjoyed the Wolfman but for all the fuss made about getting one, I wasn't THAT impressed. I really enjoy the Havana VI more. Is that bad to say? LOL

Your opinion is all yours man....never a bad thing. Everyone has their own preference.

Agreed. Very funny video! Keep 'em coming! Love it.

I have a 10ct box on it's way. I hope the reviews are correct!!!

Heard nothing but good things about the Wolfman.

I smoked one and really enjoyed it. I have a few more resting to see how they age

my stash has been napping in the humi for 6 months I think it may be time to bust one out real soon



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