Well, as some of you know, Im in the process of exiting the military and joining the civilian world. Well, we've found the area we want to live in so I started applying for jobs.

Well, I got my fist call back and interview. It's probably the best job I've applied for so far, and it's in the area. It sounds great....but here is the problem. I've not done an interview in a LONG LONG time. My people skills are not exactly what a PR rep is always looking for. I can keep it under wraps, but my mouth can get the best of me at times. 

Needless to say, I'm pretty nervous about this. This is a big shot here, and I can't afford to screw it up.

OH! BONUS! - If i get the job, it's 10 minutes from Outlaw Cigar!

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I wish you great luck Jay!

My 2 cents is to remember that the interviewer is generally looking for reasons why they should hire you in your responses to their questions. So in your answers (as much as possible) include character traits, leadership examples, and abilities you have that would transfer over to their position/company.

My mouth has gotten me into more trouble than I care to admit. Part of why my military years started out quite rough. I've learned to hone it over the years though. Being vulnerable and showing I'm not afraid to admit my weaknesses has benefited me greatly during interviews. I found that if you make yourself sound perfect, you won't get a second call. Something else that has worked in my favor is finding a similar ground with the interviewer, something in common. It helps tremendously with the comfort factor while talking.

Another thing not to underestimate is all the experiences from being in the service. If you had a career anything like mine, you've covered the gambit on jobs and skill sets. Like Ken said, use these examples to show the depth of your character and expansive knowledge your career has given you. Hope that helps and good luck!

Thanks guys, I've learned to (usually) keep my mouth in check too. I generally speak well and am good at thinking on the fly. I really think it'll be OK and I should have a solid shot at the job. That said, it's obviously not a guarantee.

Best wishes, Jay. Let us know how it goes.

I think it sort of depends on the industry and culture of the company when it comes to what you put the most emphasis on in an interview. That being said, one tactic that has always served me well in interviews that is transferrable is to work into your responses that what you excel at is learning and adapting. Being good at specific tasks might tell the interviewer you're right for a specific job, but being a professional learner makes you good at anything. Not having served myself, I can only imagine the incredible amount of adaptability (among other things) that's required and that alone gives you a definite advantage. Best of luck Jay!

I believe your military background will keep you straight during the interview, be yourself, good luck!

I'm applying for a Culinary Lead at a Great Wolf Lodge. So, it's generally in my wheelhouse, but not exactly what I'm used to.

I've conducted a ton of interviews - both for my business and when I wasn't with the State. I always look for 2 thing - personable and trainable. The rest will take care of itself I think.

Good Luck!!
Good luck Jay,
Just be yourself. Having military experience shows that you know how to be an asset to your team. If you don't get, there doing you a favor because they would not appreciate your experience.

I'll touch on something I hear quite often. Small detail, but I always call the day after the interview and thank them for taking the time to interview me. Also, at the end of an interview, it is vital you show how interested you are in the position. With the program I'm in at school, I meet with 50-100 employers every semester. This is one of the things I hear most often, believe it or not. It's the small details that can separate you from the pack. Good luck!

Hopefully you get the Job! I've been to the Great Wolf Lodge in Washington State and it's a nice place. I assume they are connected, but they might not be.

Thanks everyone. Interview went well, I felt like it would be a really good fit for me. I would essentially be the #2 guy in the kitchen. Pretty much the Sous chef.

I should find out, maybe next week.

@Jason - Yes, theyre connected. 14 US locations and 1 for John.



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