saw this on another forum i thought that we as FEDHEADZ can make it fun seeing as we got the bomb a FEDHEAD going on. Matt want's it crazy i will make it insane for him!!!

Here is the game for all who are interested:

1) I will send out an RAOK. The person who receives my RAOK has been tagged and they are "it."

2) The person who is "it" then sends out an RAOK to whomever they want. The next person to receive the cigars is now "it".

3) This keeps going until someone receives cigars and decides there is nobody they want to send cigars to.

The rules are simple; if you know how to play tag, you can play this game.

The rules:

1) You cannot tag the person back that just tagged you. No payback for something recieved from this TAG game, please. I think that will take away from the fun.

2) If you are "it" and sending out, post the DC# to the thread when you send out. Please post to this thread when you are tagged so everyone knows who is "it."

3) When you are "it", you decide whom you wish to tag and what you want to send to them. It can be a fiver or it can be a nuke - doesn't matter. What you are tagged with should not influence what you decide to send (i.e. you do not have to match or exceed what you were tagged with).

4) Re-gifting is perfectly okay! Once you receive the TAG, it's YOURS and you may do whatever you please with it. Say, for example, you get a TAG with a well-aged Gurkha X(ploding)-fuerte among the contents. You don't care for them, personally. Your chosen target, however... well let's just say you happen to know that the things he'd do for a Klondike Bar pale in comparison to what he'd do for THAT fragile beauty.

5) Keep it moving! As much as possible, try to get the TAG moving again within a week. Schmidt happens, of course, so if you need a little longer to track down a rogue addy or for any other reason, PLEASE post up and let everyone know that there will be a bit of a hold up!

6) make sure to include a note letting your target know they've been tagged - they might not monitor the trade board regularly!

If you have to think too long and hard about your target, take a look at the names of folks who've posted that they WANT TO PLAY and DROP THE HAMMER on them BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Soooo...let's play!

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This is a tag NOT a pass

I say keep it going kind of upset the person I tagged messed this up. 



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