Today I had a random moment of inspiration so I decided to come up with a few mockups for potential shirts.  Please vote on your favorite that could potentially be printed.  Please also do keep in mind these are rough mockups and they will be fine tuned before printing.

Ligero Shirt

Real Men Smoke Lanceros 1

Real Men Smoke Lanceros 2

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I love the ligero shirt and option 1 for the Real Men Smoke Lanceros

I would buy the #1 of the "real men smoke lanceros". I know Cigar Press made a shirt that said...Viso&Seco&Ligero&Volado. See I am a Viso/Seco kind of guy because it ages well, I like to age my cigars ;)

Ah, I see that now.  But I mean our shirt has dat extra Ligero, #needsmoreligero.  :P

I like the second Lancero shirt

None of them? If I had to choose, Id go with the third one (Second Lancero)

What would you rather see?  We are open to suggestions for future projects. 

In love with the ligero shirt obviously. Torn on the Lancero shirts, might be the color.

That's a good point.  Color will be decided at a later time.  This is for the design only.  I should have stated that better. 

You'd have to make the Lancero #1 in black...with a L40 band ;) 

That would be awesome.  Somehow I think JD wouldn't let us just use the Liga band unfortunately lol. 

I like the Ligero shirt and option 1 on the Lancero shirt

Lancero #1



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