Hey John, I will be flying into Calgary tomorrow for the week.

Can you suggest any Cigar stores/ lounges, etc. that I should get to?

I have carte blanche for a couple of hours on two separate days (without kids and family obligations) so if you have recommendations I am down to try things out.

Craft Brew houses are another bonus. Was at the Craft Beer Market a few years back and it was a good time.


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Paging Surgeon

Fast Jimmy, You might want to ask in Canadian.

Dammit. I am Canadian. I also know he and I are crossing paths this week. He'll be in fabulous winnipeg whilst I'm in glorious Calgary.
So many head shops here. .. need to know where the good cigars are at!

Sorry I missed the dialect :) 

I also remember the extra shipping charges.

Sorry I missed this man I was super busy. Unfortunately Calgary is a 'no lounge' city. Unless you have a very expensive members pass there's no where you can go indoors to smoke.

For cigar shops you can check out:


7112 Macleod Trail SE #6
Calgary, AB T2H 0L3
That's the main one that comes to mind.
Other than that one of the Cheap Smokes in the deep south is always good
Unit # 123 - Avenida Place
12100 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 7G9
Shoot me an email cigarsurgeon@gmail.com
Craft Beer Market is great. I'm a huge fan of Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub downtown. Their tap list is impressive.
Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub, 140 – 10 Ave SW,
National Beer Hall is also good. Two locations
National Beer Hall, 550 – 17 Ave SW,
• National Beer Hall, 341 – 10 Ave SW,
Lastly if you're in the mood for some great German beer you can't beer Wurst 

WURST Restaurant & Beerhall

2437 4 St SW
Calgary, AB T2S 1X5



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