AND the Super Prize from Villiger, a full 21 box of short, fat Trill Torpedo Gordo (4.5x62), plus the 4 pack sampler, AND the Trill Tshirt.  Huge thanks to Epic, Villiger, Cigar Chat, and to Patrick, whose extra vote tipped my scale into Epicness. #alwaysweaseling


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Now that is Epiclly Trill 

They should tied you over for a while, weasel.

They will, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let up :) I have Crux golf balls on the way now, too!

How many?

Doesn't say in the contest tweet, I'll let you know.
Jared, I'm in awe of your weasel ability but can't complain to much. Had a good weasel month myself last month. Keep up the good work.
I love the trill great stick BTW!!!
I smoked one ROTT, and it's missing some in the flavor. It's got SOMETHING to it, because there is a rockin' red pepper spice through the nose, close to Antaño level, but the draw flavors were pretty plain. I'm thinking these need a few weeks to adapt to my humi, and a few months to develop.
Good stuff Brotha! Enjoy!

My weasel game needs a boost!! Summer was too good and the humidor is feeling the pinch! haha

Nice work fellas.



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