As many of you know I am from the Great white north, Canada, AKA: the land of milk, honey and ridiculous tobacco taxes.

Humour aside; I'll be in Austin TX in a couple weeks and buying as many cigars as I can humanly bring back across the border (about 100 with the help of a friend's limit).

Here is the issue: with the unsettling discrepancy between the US dollar and the Canadian dollar (think around 50% CAD worth to USD) I need to find bundles, boxes, or deals that make this worth while.

Do you think I should wait to buy cigars in Austin??? or order online and ship to my hotel?

I know there were lists of "discount" cigars out there, but this is different because I'm interested in a good deal, not necessarily cheap. What sites do you get your best deals from?


Thank you so very much,

(I also plan on sending out a few more "random" packages once I get there!!)

ahh, the fun of travel!!

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I don't know what the cigar scene in Austin is like, but if you do order online, the best deals for quality stuff are at small batch (10% off with code rcigars), stogies world class (same code), and the cigfed store. Sometimes I find great deals at anthony's cigars as well. But most of my online ordering is from those first three sites. Safe travels!

thanks Stefan, I will check them out!! (and mention your name!)

Oh, and depending on what you're looking for,
The only drawback here is the cost of shipping.
No problem. Have a fun trip

I would buy stuff online and have it shipped to you. Typically if you are buying boxes/bundles B&M's just can't compete with online prices.

I'm not sure what cigar stores are like in Texas or what the local taxes are.

I also agree with the sites Stefan posted. I would say that a majority of the cigars I buy these days come from one of those stores.

Yeah, if you're looking to buy like that, I hate to say it, but I'd go online. Significantly better prices on most things.  I love you B&M shops, you know that, right?

Jimmy, I live in ATX, and if you decide to go to B&M route, we do have some great shops:
Pipe World in Round Rock - not a huge humidor, but an excellent selection of boutique smokes and for $10 you get an annual membership that gets you 10% off. You could get your money back in one visit.
Heroes and Legacies - much bigger humidor, just slightly higher prices, really good selection. Lots of boutique brands.
Habano House - amazing selection, highest prices
If you need to start shipping cigars to Austin you're welcome to use my address and I'll collect the boxes for you. PM me if you want to do that. SBC and CFed store are amazing. "sbcweekend" gets you 15% off all weekend right now, and they have free two day shipping.
PS - I went to McGill.
PPS - Even if you don't need my house for cigar shipping, let me know when you're in town and we can try to smoke a cigar together.
I'm in ATX as well, as Sam said the selections are good and the prices are not far off from online once you figure in the discounts 10% at PW and HH with a 'membership ' 20% at H&L if you buy 20 sticks. About the only difference is you pay the taxes. Hope you have a great trip



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