Today we launched a new website for As a part of this migration, our plans are now going to be to host the live stream and associated chat on that site.

Over the past couple of months, we have soft-launched two new brands under Stogie Geeks - Stogie Geeks Shorts and Stogie Geeks News. These are new programming options which we are adding to supplement "The Big Show" on Thursday nights. We have one or two new programs under development which are under consideration for 2016.

In addition, we have invested heavily in our infrastructure. We upgraded all of our cameras. We made several investments to the sets in our studio. We added new servers, new computers, flat screen monitors, and the mobile "Studio C" as well. Finally we recently moved to an industrial strength production and distribution service for our content.

With these investments in content and infrastructure, and a need to maximize value to our investments, we felt it was time to add "The Big Show" on Thursday nights.

While we now will have a different home for the show, by no means is this a goodbye to the Cigar Federation community. We plan on staying active here. Paul and I come to Cigar Federation daily. We enjoy the reviews, the interactions, and watch all of the programming. We plan on continuing to do so.

This community welcomed us from Day 1 and you have helped us enormously in our growth. We thank you enormously for that support. We'd especially like to thank Logan, Rob, and Seth. Not only are these true industry professionals, but guys I consider friends, snd continue to do so. They have opened many doors for us, and we will always be there for them to return the favor. We also need to thank each and every Fed Head out there. You guys are the best.

The show can still be accessed from but that will redirect to our site.

It isn't a goodbye, just a move down the street.


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Glad to hear Coop! Checking out the site now. One there any interaction with the audience? Anyways, cant wait to tune in! 

BTW..I like the shorts..that is my style!

Thank you Charlie. Absolutely, we will have a live chat on the livestream going.

Nice...thanks for letting me know.



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