Stefan passed along this special package of awesomeness when we met yesterday. I really appreciate the opportunity to smoke these fine cigars for the first time. Grand Rapids is not a big lancero town and there is no Quesada presence here at all. Thanks again Stefan!

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Wow - nice stuff.

Nice hit! Big fan of both Quesada & Crowned Heads. You should enjoy all of those. :)

Enjoy, Mark! Looking forward to smoking again tomorrow!

That the Drumstick? Total legit.

Yes sir. A drumstick and a snare drum!

I never smoked the snare drum. I think the blend is the same. Curious to hear if you think there are differences.

You can read my thoughts on the snare drum and any comparisons with the drumstick here:

Short story: both are dope, but I like the snare drum a bit better...

I will dutifully report my experiences with both HG's after I smoke and enjoy them, boss.

Great smokes all 3 are in my top 25 of the year (Quesada is on the bubble).

I am anxious to smoke all three. I am a huge fan of the HG and the Quesada I have been gifted (Seth''s Humidor) have all been excellent smokes!

Love the Drumstick, have heard good things about the Quesada 40. Nice bomb.



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