September is here, i'm still is starting, pumpkin beer & Oktoberfest are starting to hit the shelves....and my favorite time of year....FALL!!!!

One of my favorite boutique brands is EZRA ZION, everything they have put out has been me anyway, and their limited, LIMITED releases from their website/app make them even more unique and boutique than the other brands out there imo.

Also, is it a coincidence that they will part of CigarChat tomorrow? Perhaps....perhaps not. 

So if you have one of these, please light that sucker up, come back here and tell us what you thought. Please don't be hesitant if you're new, or never reviewed a cigar. At least post a picture, what vitola, and if you thought it was good or not. If you don't have it, ask around to see if someone wants to do a trade, check with your B&M or your favorite online retailers CIGARFED anyone? If ya got em' SMOKE EM and tell us about it.

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Great choice!  (although I believe they were on CC last week)

Doug he was on a roll, sometimes you let em go! Like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!

Hey man, I gotta bust Mickey's chops.  He isn't online enough to get my daily licks in.  :D

Damg, I was going by the CC advertisement that was still up there....oh well
Mickey I'm ready for all those things,, except maybe Fall, our summer is short enough.

EZ became one of my favorite brands about a year ago when I tried the Tantrum & EZ lanceros. I've since become an EZ completist and have purchased all the LEs via their app. Totally awesome blenders with a flare for experimenting. Has anyone tried their coffee? Did I read somewhere that they started CFed???

Welcome September! Jamais Vu box-press. Quite a nice smoke.



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