The Stogie(s) of the Month for October is the Tatuaje Monster Line. This includes any year's limited release Monster, Pudgy Monster, or Little Monster. When making a post, please be sure add a little more detail describing which one you're smoking. 

So if you have one of these, light that sucker up, come back here and tell us what you thought. Please don't be hesitant if you're new, or never reviewed a cigar. At least post a picture, what vitola, and if you thought it was good or not. If you don't have it, ask around to see if  someone wants to do a trade, check with your B&M or your favorite online retailer.


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I'm in on this one... I'll figure it out next week... Either the Jason, Woflman, mummy or one of the Lil Monsters... we'll see...

My local B&M has a stack of the Pudgy Monsters boxes but IDK if I'm going to pull the trigger on these. Not a cigar that has my full attention, the shop is huge on Tat's and they usually bring in some of the Monsters during Halloween, I'll keep my eye out.  

Great  choice of the month. Thinking about it maybe we could do Candela wrapped in March. Think I'll light up a The Mummy and a few little monsters this October.

I'm taking a slightly different take on this month's SotM.  My goal is to smoke all 5 of the original Little Monsters and rank them by my preference (and provide one liner notes). 

1. Lil' Drac - Sweet more than spicy.  Very enjoyable.  Love how it has aged.

2. Wolfie - I remember this being one of my favorites when I first smoked them.  Still pretty good, and extremely complex - new flavors in almost every draw.  Pepper seems to be dominant here throughout with some sweetness and cedar mixed in for good measure.

3. Frank Jr - Really enjoyed this. I wouldn't claim its amazing, but far better than the Mini MUm.  Still a good amount of spice, but some good flavors behind it also.

4. Mini Mum (I smoked this at night and didn't take a picture - sorry) - I was actually surprised how harsh this still was after 2 years in my humi.  I loved it when it was fresh, but it hasn't aged nearly as well as I would have expected.

5. Baby Face - This has always been my least favorite of the bunch, and this experience was furthered by a really, really tight draw.  The Baby Face just does little for me, and I ended up pitching this before I hit the 'band'.

(I'll continue to update as I smoke throughout the month)

I really like this idea. I still haven't pulled the trigger on a box of the Monsters but my shop gets one of the Halloween releases every year so I think I will wait for those.

This is what I did last October. My list ended up looking like so:

1. Mini Mum

2. Wolfie

3. Lil Drac

4. Frank Jr.

5. Baby Face

Matt, it'll be interesting for me to see just how your list ends up, compared to mine. From your statement about the Frank Jr. being far better than the Mini Mum just goes to show just how different palates and preference are as I would have said the exact same sentence only reversed.

I don't know if you still have any Little Monsters left, but when I initially sampled them when they were first released, my list looked very much like your list.  I'm shocked that the Mini Mum fell off so hard for me, but I found it to be unnecessarily powerful and a bit harsh.

This is a fun idea, look forward to them. That Lil' Drac looks/sounds like it'd be right up my alley. 

I had a Face last weekend. A great stick and the one I had was probably at its peak for the current flavor profile. They wont get much better for very long IMO. The Frank and Boris were the same way. They were great for many years and then the flavors just dropped off. Still not a bad smoke but they don't have the legs to go the distance. I think it was last year that I saw people dumping their Franks in WTS samplers. So, if you like them and have them then smoke 'em up! :)

Tatuaje The Mummy - This cigar doesn't get dull. It's overly exciting but for the duration of the smoke it kept me on my toes. From chocolate, cream, to spice and pepper, leather and earthy notes, coffee and a couple other various notes I couldn't officially tag, this is a an all around solid stick. Are there better sticks, I say yes, does that take anything away from The Mummy, I vote no. It holds its own and brings a nice smoke to the table. Fully enjoyable medium to medium full cigar.

Thats a beast! I like the Mini Mum

This weekend I had the OR Mummy, Pudgy Frank & OR Jason

The Mummy is still my fav Monster, I would love to have another box of these.

The Frank was a bit more mellow than I anticipated, but was still tasty and paired well with hot apple cider.

The Jason was still spicy after a years rest.

All were very enjoyable



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