The Stogie of the Month for July is anything by EP Carrillo. I know that there are a lot of fans around here and these are also in the store, so I expect a good turn out this week. 

So if you have one of these, light that sucker up, come back here and tell us what you thought. Please don't be hesitant if you're new, or never reviewed a cigar. At least post a picture, what vitola, and if you thought it was good or not. If you don't have it, ask around to see if  someone wants to do a trade, check with your B&M or your favorite online retailer.

EP Carrillo

Wrapper: Various

Binder: Various

Filler: Various

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YES!!!! One of my to remember to smoke one and post my take on it.

Damn I just smoked one on Sunday. Looks like I need to go shopping! :)

Great choice Dave. Are we talking any EPC, or did you have something more specific in mind?

Thinking the Short Run, but since of the slightly limited access, just opening it up to any. There's a pretty good price on the 2015's in the store I saw last night. 

Thank god you didn't limit it to Short Run LOL 

These new La Historia's are $6.99 for a robusto, they have a beautiful Mexican SA wrapper.

Like the choice Dave. I'll have to go dig one out for this.

Good choice Dave! I'm already up on this will be up at 7:30pm pst ;-) See you got to go with a national brand bro, one everyone has at arms reach! Debonaire cigars are great but no one can find them lol Every shop in the US has at least one EPC line.

It was a quick/poor decision last month, sorry about that. But looking forward to this month and your review. I may have one of the just classic/general EP Carrillo around somewhere.

The classics are tasty but his new stuff is awesome, I say great pick on SotM July...can the cigars be EPC made? like Crowned Heads? ;-)

Now don't get crazy. Ya'll know a lot more than I. I couldn't tell you all that he's even made. 

LOL Ernesto only makes smokes for him and Crowned Heads..but we'll stick with EPC branded smokes!

Those are tasty too!



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