Howdy all! 

So for December I thought it should be that one special smoke or smokes, either for Christmas, New Years or whatever this month. I know some of you visit family or have family that come in....maybe some of them will even smoke with you....even better!

So start digging in your humi or humis and let's all enjoy this holiday season with that Special Smoke.

Don't forget to tell us all which one it is by words or pictures you don't have to review it....just tell us if you enjoyed it or not, and if it held up to your expectations.

Thanks & Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah or Hanukkah, or Bah Humbug if you don't celebrate.


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Some really good "Special Smokes". Too bad about the disappointments. I wish I had been around when you were giving away those PG's. I've really enjoyed everyone I've smoked.

This was a couple of years ago Doc....maybe we could split a box of those Symphonies? They are so damn good.

Mickey, I also had a Padron 64 Anniversay on New Year's Day and I concur with your evaluation. Best thing I have ever smoked!

Yeah, I was in heaven that day.



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