Greetings, and welcome to August......only 4 months til Christmas.....You're welcome.

So this month let's do one the oldest names in cigar history...Arturo Fuente....they have so many, and they are all personal favorite is the Rosado, just so damned good.

So if you have one of these, please light that sucker up, come back here and tell us what you thought. Please don't be hesitant if you're new, or never reviewed a cigar. At least post a picture, what vitola, and if you thought it was good or not. If you don't have it, ask around to see if someone wants to do a trade, check with your B&M or your favorite online retailers CIGARFED anyone? If ya got em' SMOKE EM and tell us about it.


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I'll try to find a Fuente I haven't smoked or at least not smoked in a long time.

This is appropriate since Carlos Fuente Sr. passed away Friday night.  It's time to smoke your best Fuente in memory of Don Carlos.

I picked up a few AF's I've never smoked for this month and to honor Carlos Sr.  Last night I went with this one, the Chateau Belicoso with a sungrown wrapper.  Much more full bodied than pretty much any AF I've ever smoked before.  The burn, draw and construction were all of great quality.  I picked up lots of leather and spice that I wouldn't quite describe as straight pepper, and some coffee notes that paired nicely with the porter.  

Being more full bodied, this was nice after a hearty meal I had for dinner.  The only drawback was the summer heat being a bit of a distraction, but it didn't ruin the experience completely.  The price point was great too.  I believe I paid $8.99 in a B&M, which I found to be a nice price for a good sized belicoso.  

I'd recommend giving these a shot if you're looking for something to check out from AF and typically smoke Nica based cigars.  I will look to pick these up and add to a rotation for a change from my strongly based Nica cigars I prefer.

Sounds like a treat!

Nice job Doug1

I was long overdue for a Fuente. Earlier I enjoyed this Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8. It's a good medium bodied smoke at a really good price, just under $7. I'm pretty sure this cigar also comes in a maduro wrapper. I'm not sure but I think the only vitola is a 6x48. I'm not great at picking out flavors but this has that classic Fuente flavor you would expect. The cigar lasted about an hour and half and had a pretty clean burn. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a more affordable Fuente cigar for sure.  

I still need to try the 8-5-8. Sounds like you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review, Derek.

The 8-5-8 used to be a favorite for this very reason, especially once I graduated from my go-to budget stick Curley Heads. Then the Hemingway Short Story was a fav small-size rotation. That was some years ago before I got bit by the ultra-boutique variety & experimentation bug, but post-FDA idiocy may find me back with AF in more regular rotation!

Yes I enjoyed this one thoroughly Jeff and it was also my first time having the 8-5-8. I agree Marc the Hemingway is also a great smoke and like you said with the FDA bs in effect it might be time to look back at some old school sticks again.

Not until I am FORCED to! I'm way too stuck on tasting all the amazing new types & styles that have been released. Who know, maybe it will afford a chance to catch up and try everything I wanted to before the FDA gets some sense talked in to it. Seems so obviously stupid that I am hopeful premium cigars will be excluded at some point.

Nice review Derek, and a good smoke.....I turn a lot of new smokers onto this one.



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