Hey all, I'm still kicking....work blocking me from the site sucks so much ass! I'm doing my best to stay connected to you all,but it's really hard. I haven't thrown in the towel just yet though.

So, looking back at the archives I couldn't see where CH was a SotM.

Let's do it up....they have a ton releases from regular production to one offs.

Smoke em' up and post a pic or write a review, or just say if you liked it or not. If you don't have any in your humi, we forgive you....you must be new, so hit up the store or reach out to one of these fine BOTLs or SOTLs for a trade.

Enjoy April all!

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Oh, you grabbed a box of Snaredrums?

When I called to order a 5pack the manager said I'll give you the box for an extra 20 bucks so I couldn't pass it up :-) I mean they have been out for 2 years now so I'm sure hes just trying to get rid of the last few boxes lol

Yeah..... I did. I bet he would've made a deal on all 5 boxes too LOL. Still a good buy I'm guessing.  I love the HG. 

Yea, he cut me a deal so I would buy the full box lol I'm sure I could have got all 5 for $375ish???

Ending April with an Angel's Anvil 2014.


Good end to April!



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