...and its a picture of 3 large packages sitting on our dining room table.  Then the following:

"One is from "Late Evil Santa" address 1234 Cross Rd, The Tip, South Pole 00001.  And another is just from Santa"

I, obviously, respond, "Wow, I've apparently been a good boy!".

Much love to everyone who took the time out to think about me.  I've obviously been working through some things on my end over the past several months that have kept me away from here and kept me from participating in this year's SS, and I don't think you guys know how much this coordinated attack touches me.  Like, in awkward way touches me!

Just know that, eventually, at some point, somewhere, I'll be back.  And I don't forget!

Thank you, again...from the bottom of my heart.

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Without giving away which Santa was me, you are most welcome, sir. Thanks again for arranging SS for us and Happy New Year!
Looking good!
Very nice



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