I've been smoking for just over a year now but still consider myself a relative rookie since I only smoke once or twice a week. How about you guys? Any other cigar newbies out there? 

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Oh, yeah.  I knew that - I worked with JD and Brooke to get him on that trip! 

Well, the series was great, and very envy-inducing.
Been smoking for 2-3 years as a grab 3 go golfing or fishing kind of guy, then the wife got me one of the reel you in packages from cigar.com. I had questions and joined their forums......got bombed several times, started playing poker for cigars, and my inventory grew and my smoking grew too....now I smoke 1 a day and sometimes 2 or 3 a day.

Oooh...poker for cigars.  That could be fun!

Speaking of bombs, I think we need to start making "Weasel Warheads" a bigger thing here!

I completely missed this comment....Matt it is a group of guys on cigar.com who play on tuesdays.......but sometimes it goes later than 9est, and we know that is way too late for guys like you so not sure if you can play.  :)

Smoking since I was 18 which is 4 years ago. Ive been working in local cigar shops for 3 of those years and really am starting to feel knowledgeable. The Tobacconist University is a cool site to flip thru for someone who wants to learn about the smoke

Brett, 18 is when my dad introduced me to cigars and scotch.. He also taught me how to slow down and enjoy the little things that we do for ourselves. Like good cigars and good scotch or whatever you enjoy. Take the time, we all deserve it.

About ten years. I not even 30 year. Got into cigars during my sophomore year of college. My college GF got me humidor and the rest is history.

I had my first cigar about 7 year ago. Then really got into to smoking a couple of years later, after being introduced to CI and they're big samplers. Usually only smoke one or so week when the weather's nice (except I'm already up to 4 this week). 

I work for a community college on a 10-month contract, so I had the summer off... which meant a lot more time to myself during the day, soooo... :) Quite a few more lately.

42 years this last June. Didn't smoke 3+ a day all that time, but several a month until the last 10 yrs, then started at least one a day to now my 3+ a day.

Dude you are like Yoda.



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