I've been smoking for just over a year now but still consider myself a relative rookie since I only smoke once or twice a week. How about you guys? Any other cigar newbies out there? 

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About a year, I also only smoke about once a week.

Just since February 18th. I quit my job, became a stay-at-home-dad, and my wife told me to find something get me out at night once a week. Fishing regulations are tight here for night fishing, so I found myself at a lil cigar bar near home and had my first.
I smoke pretty much daily. Even more if it's nice out and I'm working on the garden.

Had one here and there for many years, but began really getting into cigars in January of this year. Thought it would be something cool to celebrate finishing my Master's degree. Got one of those suck-you-in ridiculously cheap deals through Cigars International (click-ad only, 35 ct humidor and 10 sticks for $30, Cigar.com and others run similar deals), and suddenly I had reason to become more interested. I smoke only when I get the opportunity, but at least once a week during the school year, as often as I can get away with it during the summer (I work at a Community College). Definitely still a newbie here.

It started out as a cigar here and there for me too. CI was able to reel me in on one of those humidor deals and things just took off from there. Reddit, different forums, blogs, word of mouth from the B&M, and other sources all led me down the path so far. Now it's just time for me to smoke more until I can refine my palate.

What's your name on Reddit? Have we met before?

SilverStreak12 is my handle on reddit, but I'm not really that active. I just cruise the threads to read up. Didn't even sign up to get my + yet. Haha

Yeah, the name isn't familiar, but I haven't been on it in about a year or so. 

Glad to have you here!

Ha! For me it was all Bryan Glynn & CigarObsession.com. I was looking for reviews of stuff that I had gotten in my intro sampler, and he kept coming up in the searches. In fact, his coverage at IPCPR this year was how I found out about THIS site. I also check out Cigar Inspector, because they review Cubans and non-Cubans, and they let users rate online retailers.

The more I watched and read, the more I needed :)

I've been smoking cigars for years.  I think I first stepped foot in a B&M about 12-13 years ago when I lived across the street from Georgetown Tobacco, but I didn't really become an enthusiast until about 5 or 6 years ago.

I had only been dating my girlfriend (now wife) for a little while and one of her friend's boyfriends (now husband) told me he had an extra ticket to this thing called CigarFest in the Poconos.  At first I dismissed it as I didn't think I was into cigars enough to enjoy something called CigarFest, but my buddy sold it as a weekend away from the women with poker, scotch, steaks and cigars so I went.  On the way home from the event, I called up CigarsInternational and bought my first humidor.

Since that point, I've just gotten more and more involved.  I ran another cigar forum for awhile, I've been to Esteli on Drew Estate Cigar Safari, and now I'm one of the mods here.  Its a slippery slope!

CigarFest always sounds like a blast, and Derrick who does RedditCigarReviews recorded and posted his whole trip. Looks like way too much fun! Not something I'll afford anytime soon, but Outlaw Cigars in KC has on occasion raffled Cigar Safari trips at their events, so there is still hope!

I didn't realize Derek went to CigarFest this year.  I still talk to him occasionally - funny dude.  This year was actually the first year in like 5 or so that I didn't go - my son was born a week before.

Sorry, mistyped that, he posted his whole trip on his Cigar Safari! Turned it into like a six part series.



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