I've been smoking for just over a year now but still consider myself a relative rookie since I only smoke once or twice a week. How about you guys? Any other cigar newbies out there? 

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Yeah, both old, though he has me by about 840 Yrs.. How many of you have smoked Candelas? That what everything was when I started..

I have. Had a box of 50 small like 4 x 32 Puros Indios that I have had forever. I gave them to my buddy in India, and he freaking loved them. Smoked the Don Tomas candela and didn't like it at all. Really need to try the Illusione and AB one.

I smoke a few every year.. Always one on my dads BD and the anniversary of his death. This year my B&M gave me a La Flor Dominica Double Claro and an Illusione 888 Candela. Really liked the LFD.. some very interesting and different flavors and aromas. You should try one.

Have had the Illusione HL candela, Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan, and a number of Arturo Fuente Curlyhead candela. I like the flavors it adds, especially on a stronger filler like the AB (a little stronger) and the HL (definite strength). Only problem ever was the AB wrapper was very this and came rather unravelled. Kept smokin' it anyway, because it tasted good and the binder held quite nicely.

I have hear people mention that Candelas need a lot of care since the wrappers are so thin. I guess the bright side is you were still able to smoke the cigar :)

From everything I heard, the Filthy Hooligan turned out to be a wreck with falling apart. I got one during their release, but never lit it up.

If you decide to, flavors are great, but make sure to be ultra-careful peeling off the gigantic band, and make sure your cutter is extra sharp. Mine came straight from the B&M, so I know I didn't screw up the humidity, but my cutter was a little dull, and I cracked the head, and it slowly but surely unravelled. Flimsy, but I definitely contributed to the problem.

Really? I have heard nothing but good things.

We'll say user error then

Definitely a contributing factor on my part! I think if you're aware of it, & take precautions, it would turn out tasty. A slight hassle, it seems, but better than hassle after it's burning.
Just over 2 years now. Don't know how I possibly could have lived without them.



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