Not too long ago, I sent Craig a package after IPCPR, as I make it a point to try and destroy as many Fed Head mailboxes as possible on a regular basis.  At one time, Craig had asked for some guidance on a collection of cigars he received form his brother in law from Seth adn I.  Out of nowhere he decided to annihilate my block with a few gems, that from my eyes, are all OLD AS DIRT...  Brother, this was unnecessary, as these are all aged gems from what my eyes tell me.

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Yowza, yikes, and Yessirree!!

That Craig's a good guy

So, then this would qualify as a "Blast from the Past"?


I'm not usually this punny. Sorry. :P

It is much deserved. Like I said in the note, don't know shit about CC but I know these are all aged. Enjoy and look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

Gotta love that FedHead style!



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