So... I need to again thank all those who participated in the Super Bowl cigar pool for your generosity and variety. I have already enjoyed (mostly) 16 new (to me) cigars from those sent. My ratings are are very basic:

A = I'd be happy to burn thru a box any time!
B = These are pretty good sticks, but there are better.
C = Very average, I'd only smoke it again if it was gifted.
D = Only buying if I'm going to be in a totally smoke free environment for the next week and this is the only cigar left in the store.
F = No. Just. No.

Some of the sizes are guesstimates...

A list: Nica Rustica toro, Asylum toro, Fuente 8-5-8, La Herencia Cubana, Ezra Zion Tantrum, Headley Grange corona, Flor de las Antillas Sungrown

B list: Illusione 888, Anoranzas toro, Aging Room corona gorda, Draig K corona

C list: Swag robusto, Ezra Zion Eminence, TL Johnson (6x42ish), Cubanacan torpedo

D list: E. P. Carillo Small Batch

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Awesome insight, Michael - thanks for your thoughts. Surprised you didn't like the Short Run.

I would consider murdering you for the opportunity to have smoked 16 cigars since the superbowl. Best I've got now is to turn up the furnace and pray for global warming. Glad none have truly sucked so far.

Jared, it's colder than hell here in Chicago, too. My car has been my cigar lifesaver. See the pic of today's activity!

Rob. Yeah, i was disappointed in the Carillo. I was really ready for it, too, as it was my companion on a late night drive home.

Unfortunately I don't get to play that game. Someday, however, I will put heat in my garage, and we'll be in business.

Congrats man, this is awesome

Good stuff! Good to here you are enjoying the cigars! Thank you for sharing your take on them as well. Long ashes brotha! 



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