I tend to gravitate toward shorter sticks, anything between a robusto and corona is common.  My reason tends to be driven by time constraints.  Do you have a favorite size?  If so, why?

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I don't know that I lean towards short or long - for example, I love a Corona and I also love Lanceros.

For me, its more about the RG.  I much prefer to smoke smaller RGs (Coronas, Lanceros, etc) regardless of length than I would thicker RGs regardless of length (whether it is a NUB or a 7x70).

Ah, that's a good point.  I can definitely see the flavor profile changing with a smaller RG, having less filler.

Its all time restraints for me, I get home from work late and do not have a lot of time to spend with the family. By the time I put my kid to bed and spend time with the wife its 10pm I need an hour or less smoke before I go to bed. So yes smaller RG, the giant RG's that are coming out now are getting kinda out of control. 

Right on, this is where I am too.  Agreed, like the 7 x 70 Matt mentioned above, that is are crazy!

Almost exclusively constrained by time. Lots of robustos in the humi because I'm married and have a 3 year old in the house, so free time is extra limited. If I had the time to enjoy something larger, I'd do that too. I have a few larger sticks too, but they sit and wait... I mean "age" until I have the opportunity to spend the time. Got a RP Edge and an Illusione Epernay patiently waiting for the right time.
Time usually determines the smoke.

I have about 12-15 boxes of corona's.  I love purito size, corona junior, petite corona, etc...  I buy for time, as in, i have 20min smokes, 30min smokes, 45min smokes, 60min, and 75min all in small ring gauges.  Anything longer like a lance, or larger rg's, I dedicate 1.5-2 hours for.  

  To me, the most flavor is in the smaller rg's.  The larger ones have more complexity, as typically, blenders will use more fillers with the larger rings.

Generally speaking, I'm a big fan of the Lonsdale vitola. Coronas RG with and extra inch to inch and a half... (6 1/2 x 42 kind of range). I am more fond of the moderate RG's as well.

The lonsdale is like a lovely coronas but with something a little extra.

Every situation calls for it's own choice - time can, and is, often a main factor, I believe, for everyone.

I like Lanceros.. some say they burn hot but I smoke slow and really don't find that a problem.

For me, it all depends on the blend... I always look for Lanceros and Lonsdales and when I blended my cigar at Cigar Safari I made it in a lonsdale... something about those sizes attract me... but it all comes back to the blend... there are certain sticks that shine in a larger RG, like the MUWAT and some that shine in a Lonsdale like the CyB... but given a choice, I go smaller RG every time...

I care more about ring gauge than the cigar's length.  Length can be very deceiving in regards to length of the smoke, I.E. Nub.

I'm in a similar boat as a stay at home dad with a 7mo old daughter. Love to smoke when she goes down for a nap, but that nap might be 30 minutes, or it might be 2 hours.
Just started paying more attention to smaller cigars. Coronas (and petite coronas), Perfectos, Petite Lanceros, Peitie belicosos, etc. I was already a fan of thinner ring gauges, but now moved towards to shorter lengths as well.
I'm still looking for that under-45 minute smoke though. Guess I'm a slow smoker too. Last night a Black Market Punk (4.5x42) took me 65 minutes to smoke.



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