So Serious Cigars is the largest chain of cigar stores in Texas. They've been bought out and brought under the Casa de Montecristo brand of B&Ms.

What do you think of this, and who do you think is a potential purchase target next?

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Thanks Coop! I confused Davidoff with Montcristo. That's the connection I was thinking about.
This reminds me of when P&C was bought by CI/ . As a customer I didn't like it at all. And after one last order (started before the buyout) I haven't ordered since. But this is a bit different now due to the regulating. I don't like the thought of having 2 stores "Walmart and Target" but I understand the original owners concerns of getting out the game when it may be a good time to and the offer is on the table.

Yeah, this is definitely going to be a "cut my losses" move for many small owners to sell while they can before the big fees start kicking in, while an expansion opportunity for big companies who can afford said fees and still keep their doors open. The benefit to the consumer is that the stores stay open. Prices will go up, selection will take a hit, but that was likely to happen anyway, but, again, the shops will be open.  FUFDA

I just had a thought that General had a couple projects with AJF this year... I wonder if General is eyeballing AJF.  that seems like a match up that makes sense.

I think that was what David Garofalo predicted.  AJF has created a bunch of blends for CI over the years.



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