So Serious Cigars is the largest chain of cigar stores in Texas. They've been bought out and brought under the Casa de Montecristo brand of B&Ms.

What do you think of this, and who do you think is a potential purchase target next?

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I'm not terribly surprised.  I think we're definitely going to see some more of this, though I'm not sure who else will buy who.  

Seems like I heard this was going to happen.  Maybe Cigar Authority podcast?

Nothing surprises me any longer.  Anheiser-Busch/Inbev bought Northern Brewer/Midwest Supplies, the largest online homebrew seller.  Pepsico bought Kevita, a Kombucha maker.  Anything is fair game.

I think maybe Cigar Federation Store will be bought by Altadis.  Just a guess.

Yeah, us Serious patrons found out about it a week after the deal was done. The FDA regulations had also increased their and all shops a $1-2 increase. The rumor was Montecristo wanted to come into a strong Houston cigar market to compete with another large cigar concern, which was going to open a chain of stores. Shrewdly, Montecristo decided they could buy a successful and esrablished Houston, stores and a highly successful online customer list and slap their name on it, and gain a immediate business advantage with having to make a major investment from starting from scratch. Now, with the buyout, Montecristo just need to ONLY change the signs, but little else, since they already sponsored the public lounges in the Serious shops. So, they just made their footprint in Houston official by buying the franchises. Smart business move with an immediate return.

Interestingly, I had a chance to meet Ron (the founder) at his storeside last week as he was dropping off his employees last paycheck. I asked if he had sold the entire business (stores and online business). He said he sold it all and was going to take about two weeks off. I asked if he was going to take his windfall and start another business. He coyly said he didn't know.
CigFed. Just kidding :)

Don't make me kick you in the #ballsac


The denial until the press release.

I'm surprised this has taken this long, actually.  I remember when JR bought Cigar Inn I figured it was only a matter of time before this became pretty prevalent.

I imagine all of the General/Altadis-like companies start gobbling up the rest.  Any major cigar chain that isn't currently owned by them will be eventually. Who else is major, but not currently owned? 

Smoke Inn I think would be considered major.

I had originally listed them in my post, but I ended up deleting them.  They'd be one I'd watch.

I think Smoke Inn would go with Davidoff.  I seem to remember a pretty good connection being there already.

Smoke Inn Boynton Beach is already affiliated as a "Casa de Montecristo" lounge. It's not owned by Tabacalera USA, but it is branded as such and falls under the lounge program (i.e. they get the lounge cigars, etc). It's similar to the arrangement to the place in Chicago.



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