Don't mess with Texas.. especially when it comes to Secret Santa! These fine sticks came courtesy of Jerad with some CigarFed swag, some Texas made Titos vodka, and a jar delicious jam that unfortunately didn't survive the trip to California- but not to worry- one of these lucky cigars will be enjoyed in the jar's honor :) Thanks Jerad!!!! Happy holidays to you and yours!!

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Ugh...what happened to the jam? Busted? Were the cigars okay...

The lid of the jar came off during shipping- but otherwise everything else arrived safe and sound- just a bit sticky haha

Damn! I thought I packed the crap out of that too. I put the cigars in their own bag, so hopefully they were okay. Damn USPS.....

The ziplock kept the cigars safe, sound, and humidified! Thanks again!



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