Its that time of year again, boys and girls!  Little bit of a late start, but the holidays are here, and what brings all of us more cheer than cigars and cigar-related activities.

I know we had some issues last year including one person not actually ever receiving their gift, but we are once again kicking off Cigar Federation Secret Santa 2017 and trying to get that bad taste out of our mouths!! 

Pretty simple concept - sign up here by replying to this post and then either PM me here or DM me on Twitter (@MattSRoss81) with your address.  Sign ups will last until December 4!

Sometime during the week of 12/4, I will send everyone a PM on Cigar Federation with their "partner" and their partner's address.  You have until December 25th to get them a "holiday gift".  No price requirements - the expectation is that "'tis the season of giving" - you do what you can to put a smile on someone's face!  Whether it is a box of cigars, a nice 5 pack of favorites, cigar accessories, booze, local delicacies, or something special - all that matters is that you are in the spirit.

Only requirement is that you are an active member of CigarFederation!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Sign me up!

Sign me up!!

Count me in!


I'm in! 

I'm in!

I'm in.

Sign me up


I've begun sending out direction on how to proceed.  For those that haven't received communication yet, I am awaiting address confirmation on a couple of people, but will pass along direction shortly.

Mine went out a day ago towards my kid. 

So, due to circumstances out of my control, my SS missile is going out in the mail tomorrow, and will arrive after Christmas. My apologies. 

Mine was delayed at the post office by a day, so will be late as well.  looks like it should arrive on tuesday.  Apologies to my kid!



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