Little bit of a late start, but is there interest in a Secret Santa this year?  I've gotten a couple of requests for one so I figured I'd throw this up.

If we get a few sign ups by end of week, I'll organize it and send out details.

  1. Donald Kozerow
  2. atllogix
  3. shadowbates
  4. Doug
  5. Jeff LaPlante
  6. Harley Holmes
  7. Stefan Lindblad
  8. Chris McCann
  9. Generally Useful Jared
  10. Janis Klavins
  11. Jeff M.
  12. Steve Christopher
  13. Fast Jimmy
  14. Steve W,
  15. Kevin Urie
  16. Tom Hoyer
  17. Max aka WSTSIDER

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Lots of great cigars there!  


Yessir!  That's a nice batch of smokes right there.

Another great santa-bomb!

USPS says my SS shipment has been delayed, was supposed to be delivered yesterday. The good news is it was at least in the correct state this am, so it should be there tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but we all know USPS. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS FEDHEADS!!

USPS says delivered "in at locker", can I get one of them please? HAPPY FEDHEAD SECRET SANTA!!!

2 of my 3 packages sent are close - real close!  Hope those land tomorrow.  Maybe the tracking is jacked on the 3rd.

So it seems that Generally Useful Santa is freakin' slow, potentially losing his Christmas marbles, but he finally got his act together and the reindeer have taken flight to Indiana. I only hope this doesn't cause someone to stop believing. Don't stop believing.
Hold onto that feeling!

Harley Holmes hit me hard. Thanks for your generosity, my friend! And the seasoning salt will be put to good use--any recommended uses? 


Nice hit, Harley!



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