Little bit of a late start, but is there interest in a Secret Santa this year?  I've gotten a couple of requests for one so I figured I'd throw this up.

If we get a few sign ups by end of week, I'll organize it and send out details.

  1. Donald Kozerow
  2. atllogix
  3. shadowbates
  4. Doug
  5. Jeff LaPlante
  6. Harley Holmes
  7. Stefan Lindblad
  8. Chris McCann
  9. Generally Useful Jared
  10. Janis Klavins
  11. Jeff M.
  12. Steve Christopher
  13. Fast Jimmy
  14. Steve W,
  15. Kevin Urie
  16. Tom Hoyer
  17. Max aka WSTSIDER

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this is a wet dream in my cigar world... unreal.

Who in their right mind sends 50 cigars?  Seriously -50!?  Some I have had and some are new to me - so excited to try them all!!!!  I can tell you this - there are some with some serious age on them, like brown cello age.  

I don't know who you are, but I will find out.  Bribes will be made, back door deals of Rocky Mountain beer (hearing me Matt?). 

Thank you so much - was having a real shitty day (land of dealing with jacked kids and parents) and this dropped.  You guys are all the best - and you secret santa?  Well, top of the game!!  Thank you so much!!


I'm thinking this SS is either a mod, a guy with 5 coolidors, or a lottery winner who has not told us yet!

Seriously though, you are a stand-up guy Shadowbates, just enjoy these and let the giver revel in the spirit of giving...

(also, once I get state side I still owe you a few for your generosity in the past)

Well, the cigars alone are enough to get excited about but the amount of age on them has me really going!  There are some in there I haven't had for years and the cello is so brown - very excited to burn them and see what age had done to them!!

Oh, and you owe me nothing my friend!

Damn, son, you got tore up

Yep, farted after dinner and no sound - got hit good in the backside!

Damn! That should have come with a clean pair of shorts. I think the real santa is a cigfed member!
I'm glad somebody finally blew you away. You deserve every bit of it.

I can be bought!

I saw the dog sled tacks in the snow, so I knew the Canadian Postal Service had been here.

Huge thanks to my Secret Santa from NY! So many great cigars that I love and many I want to try. And some stickers for the cigar sticker wall!! nice

Very generous indeed. Thank you.



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