Little bit of a late start, but is there interest in a Secret Santa this year?  I've gotten a couple of requests for one so I figured I'd throw this up.

If we get a few sign ups by end of week, I'll organize it and send out details.

  1. Donald Kozerow
  2. atllogix
  3. shadowbates
  4. Doug
  5. Jeff LaPlante
  6. Harley Holmes
  7. Stefan Lindblad
  8. Chris McCann
  9. Generally Useful Jared
  10. Janis Klavins
  11. Jeff M.
  12. Steve Christopher
  13. Fast Jimmy
  14. Steve W,
  15. Kevin Urie
  16. Tom Hoyer
  17. Max aka WSTSIDER

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I'll be headed to the post office later today to get my kid his package. I'm hoping it arrives before the weekend, as it should.

Mine has been deposited in the big blue hole that is the USPS

I want to call shenanigans, but maybe not.

Santa wasn't done as he hit me with yet another LFR, a much heavier one at that. Thanks a lot Santa but after this I must say it's time to stop, you've gone way overboard.

1st up is by default headed to my wife as I am no longer a consumer. 2nd is some wicked local sauces that we're really wanting to try when we get a chance. Last but not least speaks for itself. Nice touch with the notes, this has been great, gonna drop the droppings off to my sis when I get a chance. Okay Santa time to pack up the operation until next year.

Awesome!  I was thinking about multiple drops as well.  Much more fun that way.  :D

I think these "Fedhead Secret Santa's" have gone FEDHEAD CRAZY! I guess my no name SS knew vodka was my choice and what an overload of great smokes! I'd give you a big hug and kiss (Oh, maybe that's why I don't know who it is!, well anyhow.) to My Fedhead Secret Santa. Thanks SS! Thanks, Logan, Rob, and all of the great members! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. P.S. And thanks Matt for putting up with it all!


You were very good this year, at least according to Santa's standards! What are the 2 unlabeled lanceros (or lonsdales) sitting up there.

Have no Idea, look tasty though.

You're welcome, Steve.  I'm glad to see it arrived safely and I'm happy if you're happy!

The two lanceros are the CigFed/Reddit Throwdown pair.  The Toro with the green footband is a 729 Calloway Ln., the cigar that Logan created in honor of his daughter's 2nd birthday.

Thank you so very much. You are an outstanding example of a Fedhead Secret Santa. I look forward to trying all the great smokes, don't think I have tried but 3 of the kinds you sent. Sure makes some great Holiday Spirit. Wishing you and all yours the best Holiday and Happy New Year!

You are most welcome. I'm glad you have plenty of new stuff to try.  Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you and yours also.

Maybe one of each of the throwdown lanceros? Nice work Santa!



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