Little bit of a late start, but is there interest in a Secret Santa this year?  I've gotten a couple of requests for one so I figured I'd throw this up.

If we get a few sign ups by end of week, I'll organize it and send out details.

  1. Donald Kozerow
  2. atllogix
  3. shadowbates
  4. Doug
  5. Jeff LaPlante
  6. Harley Holmes
  7. Stefan Lindblad
  8. Chris McCann
  9. Generally Useful Jared
  10. Janis Klavins
  11. Jeff M.
  12. Steve Christopher
  13. Fast Jimmy
  14. Steve W,
  15. Kevin Urie
  16. Tom Hoyer
  17. Max aka WSTSIDER

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Slammed by Stefan! Pictures of the damage upcoming!

Thank you for the great selection of cigars and beer, Stefan. And thanks for including a list so I can keep track of them. You included a nice mixture of new smokes and old favorites. I'm really looking forward to trying  the beer.Thanks again for your generosity. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

Glad they made it in one piece. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!
Very nice! Santa Stefan!
Nice, very nice!
Mine came in not as big as all of you guys but I'm happy!

Enjoy Max and thank you in return.  Merry Christmas to all.

Hope everyone's SS arrived, and that you all have a merry Christmas

One of the 3 arrived, one is out for delivery I think and one of the packages is somewhere unknown!  I shipped Monday and only a couple states over - priority is not priority this time of year!

Weird. I shipped across the country and it got there in 2 days. Who knows what goes on with usps.

Yeah I think Santa stole mine as it hasn't arrived yet. That or the person watching our house took them. 

Merry Christmas to you! Mine hadn't arrived by noon yesterday, and we left town until Monday. So hopefully it's still there when we get back. If not, I'll survive. :)



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