Its that time of year again, boys and girls!  Halloween is behind us and the holidays are around the corner, and what brings all of us more cheer than cigars and cigar-related activities.

Understanding this, we are once again kicking off Cigar Federation Secret Santa 2015!! I know it seems early, but we wanted to provide extra sign up time this year since people have missed sign ups in the past!

Pretty simple concept - sign up here by replying to this post and then either PM me here or DM me on Twitter (@MattSRoss81) with your address.  Sign ups will last until Thanksgiving - November 26th.

Sometime during Thanksgiving weekend, I will send everyone a PM on Cigar Federation with their "partner" and their partner's address.  You have until December 25th to get them a "holiday gift".  No price requirements - the expectation is that "'tis the season of giving" - you do what you can to put a smile on someone's face!  Whether it is a box of cigars, a nice 5 pack of favorites, cigar accessories, booze, local delicacies, or something special - all that matters is that you are in the spirit.

Only requirement is that you are an active member of CigarFederation!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Currently Signed Up (if your name is not BOLD, you have not sent your address):

  1. Matt Ross
  2. RobbyRas
  3. Fast Jimmy
  4. Dave Nichols
  5. Doug
  6. Shooter
  7. Tripp
  8. Stefan Lindblad
  9. Harley Holmes
  10. shadowbates
  11. Jason Meyers
  12. Donald Kozerow
  13. Marty Messina
  14. Steve W.
  15. Gunson
  16. Kenneth Pope
  18. Brett Harrington
  19. Jared Grillot
  20. Maverick600
  21. Texican
  22. An Phan
  23. Jeff M
  24. atllogix
  25. Tyler Doering
  26. Vic Lucatorto
  27. MikeW
  28. Steve Christopher

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Matt, I have my secret Santa buddy, but since I only have his real name and not his moniker on the site I'm not sure how to know his preferences from the other discussion thread.

Sam - Anyone whose real name is different from the online handle had both included in the email.  For example...

If your recipient was 'Dave Nichols', his real name and online handle are the same, so you will just receive 'Dave Nichols'.

If your recipient was 'RobbyRas', his real name is 'Rob Rasmussen', but his online handle is 'RobbyRas' so you would see both.

If, for some reason, you do not see this, please respond to the PM and I'll clarify for you.

Shit - I've just heard that, at least in some cases, the 'online handle' field get left off the emails.  If you have ambiguity about who your recipient is, please reach out to me.  All emails should have addresses looking like this:

Matt Ross Matt Rosenthal, ## StreetName Rd, City, NJ 00000
All- if you've received your gift, please post acknowledgement at least so your Santa knows if not to say Thank You!

Also, if you have not sent yet, please do so immediately!

Received. Also, my ss will have it Wed.

Received and sent PM to my SS! Sending tonight/tomorrow

my SS will be getting his tmrw or the next day and thanks SO MUCH to whoever sent me the awesome package! merry x-mas everyone!

Today is Christmas Eve.  All packages were supposed to be received by today.  If you do not receive a package by EOD today, please contact me and let me know so I can look into it.  If you have not yet sent a package out, please make sure to send it out today. If you have sent a package, but it has not arrived yet, please let me know so I can alert your recipient.

I will not be back home until after the 1st, so I won't be able to get mine until then, just a heads up. I have someone picking up my mail, so it won't sit outside or anything. Merry Christmas!

I'm in the same boat. Left yesterday and will not be back home until January 1st. I also have someone picking up email, but won't be able to post any pictures of my secret Santa package until January 1st.

Merry Christmas all you fedheads! Thanks for being an awesome community! 

My wife reports that my secret santa package arrived today. I'll get a chance to check it out when I get home from work tonight and will post up picks of the damage tonight or tomorrow.

I'm out of town until Monday night, so if there's a part II that's when I'll see it. I have a friend picking up the mail. Sent my package a couple weeks ago and it arrived. Mike posted photos. Merry Christmas and happy smoking!



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