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Probably the best new release I have smoked this year. Excellent EVERYTHING. Taste is phenomenal, construction is beautiful and it smokes like a dream. Absolutely LOVE this cigar.

VENTURA, CA—I particularly like how Don Allan Fonseca described the Oval as round! He also knows how to put square pegs in square holes. Great cigar, good review guys. Keep it up.—Gregorchuk

Ya. A round oval! Who has ever heard of that!
I think what the Federation Mates are saying is "this stick is Ovallisious!
Great judgement, you guys are funny fo sho ! Im wondering if the Staff Sargent can come over to my house on Thanksgiving to cook some of his Suzi Q stuff. Will compensate with legit smokes all day. Does he do Turkeys, or is he just a desert dude ?

This cigar is a masterpiece! Great price point as well! Becoming more prevalent the more B&M's I visit! Will definitely smoke this one again! Delicious!

Since I started distributing Panaceas in June I have smoked little else till just recently. I have branched out to stay current and smoked some of the current 'faves' including this one. I am a medium to medium-strong cigar smoker so that most of the hot items right now are a little strong for me. This one was JUST RIGHT. It is a fine smoke, a novel shape, and a nice departure on that rare occasion when I look for a change. 

Love this review, I have one of these sitting in the humidor, I am going to have to go give it a try..

Thanks! Tell ur friends :)
Fan of almost anything by AJ. My favorite of the 
San Lotano line is the Habano. I have only had one 
Oval and I had mixed feelings on it. I have a another 
that I am going to let rest for awhile before sparking 
that one up and revisit my review

Great smoke.

Wish I could get my hands on some more to sample.



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