Today I came home from lunch with the Mrs. to find a box that had imploded my entire front porch. Thankfully, the contents of said box were intact. A very good friend (not a fedhead, though I am working on him to join) who lives in CT attended an event at Doc James in NY when RoMa Craft released a store exclusive -- the Aquitaine Venus. My buddy sent me a bundle of 10, as well as some DeSiena 312. I know the pictures stink, but you get the idea...

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I know you will be loving those Aqua's! IDK too much about DeSiena....Not a cigar that screams "buy me".

well, the DeSiena were given to him, so no loss really.

love me some aquitaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice haul!!! Never seen the DeSiena, but they look nice.....enjoy

Kaboom! Great bomb Stefan.

I've had the DeSiena - curious how the Venus are.

Your thoughts on the DeSiena?

I will be sure to let you know my thoughts on the Venus. It sure is an impressive looking cigar.

The DeSiena are a nice medium smoke. Great for chillin' on the porch or while you're grilling some meat.

Would love to get my hands on some of those Venus. Love RoMa Craft cigars.

The DeSiena...ehhhh. Smokable, not a #BuyNow for me though.



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