Anyone else do this? Certainly saves on cost and it's a pretty enjoyable and relaxing hobby. Also makes me realize that I would NOT want to do this day in and day out at a factory. My current collection in self-rolled smokes is in the pcture attached.

Mike Stewart

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Hey, Mike, I had intended to do this a couple of yars ago, but my tobacco growing and fermenting experience was faulty. Perhaps Colorado is not meant to be a cigar Mecca. How do you procur the fermented tobaccos?

Look like you have been busy!

Steve Dorau

I seem to recall a couple of sites out there that sell whole-leaf tobacco for cigars (as well as pipe, cigarettes, etc.).  The only one i remember off the top of my head is  Michael may know of some other sources as well.

As Kip says below, is very good, and is where I get most of my filler leaf, as well Connecticut shade wrapper. I also use for two kinds of wrapper (Ecuador dark and yellow shades) as well as some binder and other filler. Wide variety of countries of origin and strengths (seco, viso, lijero, etc). I have some videos up on YouTube that show what I do with storing my leaf and then humidifying them before rolling. Search videos by stewmuse. Good luck!

These videos and some other rolling related stuff is in an iBook I put out last year.

"Cigars @ Home" on the Apple iBookstore.

Thanks for the info. I will have to try to roll some. Still hoping to grow some tobacco, but tough to do in small quantities. I think the secret is bottled CO2 to allow anaerobic fermentation to happen.

Holy cow!  You could teach us about hand rolled cigars.

I have a bunch of tobacco seedlings sprouting with picture attached.

Nice seedlings, TbM. Good luck in growing those and all the fun that follows! I learned all of my "skills" from watching various videos on YouTube. Some are definitely more helpful than others. You're welcome to view my "how tos" via the above links. Good luck!

Nice.  I'll probably plant what I can in my back yard and sell the others to my friends at The Party Source, Newport KY



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