Winnings from the Rodrigo?Caldwell Contest: The King Is Dead Broken Sword Negrito, 4X50 and a 3 pack of Yellow Cake

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Sorry, got those wrong. They are actually 40X5

Nice haul, Mark! 

Gotta love Rodrigo! Very generous.

I sort of resemble that remark from "Generous" George! Real sweet package for certain.

Nice Win Doc!

you guys win absolutely everything... nice!

Thanks Rob. Thanks Shooter. Thanks Stefan.

except charlie :(

That is the best size of the King is Dead blend! Great haul Doc, this blend works best in the petit corona size. 

For a mixed-filled cigar people are going nutts over those yellow cakes, maybe because they are event only cigars...

Thanks Charlie. I have only smoked an Eastern Standard from Caldwell that Stefan sent me, and it was very good. I am excited to try these. The aroma when I opened the box was intoxicating, think cinnamon,cedar, and other rich spices. And yes, this size is perfect.

It was weird I didn't like the Eastern Standard or the King is Dead in Robusto size but I loved them both in the corona size, too much Dominican tobacco can be overwhelming but just enough is great! Enjoy those!

Oh snap...I forgot!


Nice win!



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