Cigar Reviewed: Warped Guardian of the Farm Apollo Seleccion de Warped

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Casa Fernandez

Wrapper: Nicaragua Jalapa Shade Corojo ‘99

Binder:  Nicaragua Corojo ‘99

Filler: Nicaragua Corojo ’99 Criollo ‘98

Length: 6 inches

Ring Gauge: 44

Vitola: Lonsdale

MSRP: $8

Release Date: September 2016

"Overall, an elegantly nuanced cigar with a shade grown wrapper that will sustain your attention for an extended period of time. At an MSRP of $8, very few cigars will offer this degree of complexity and is a great value buy."

Cold Draw:  The cold draw has a raisin and grassy note with hints of hay but there is a decent peppery spiciness that hits the tongue.  The wrapper is smooth with a shag foot and the cold draw is easy.

First Third: First impression is a creaminess in this cigar with a delicious caramel taste.  The spice on this cigar lingers but the strength is a solid medium.  There is a slight woodiness to this cigar but it does not dominate nor linger for very long.  The complexity of this cigar is apparent right off the bat and it takes a short while to try to capture all of the flavors. 

The burn on the cigar off the first half inch shows minor waviness due limited rest but is relatively straight which lets my mind ease up while I let it sit.  With the Corojo wrapper and binder I would expect a more pronounced sour twang to the cigar but this cigar is smooth .  The retrohale on this reveals a slight cocoa and maintains its creaminess

Second Third: The transition on the grassiness on the cigar becomes even more pronounced giving the retrohale a deeper flavor.  The construction on this cigar stays solid and the burn line fixes itself back to even.  The ash sticks to the cigar and releases evenly.  The draw on this cigar is easy and generates a healthy volume of smoke that hits the roof of the mouth.  The grassiness turns more leathery as the cigar progresses to its final third. 

Final Third: The cigar still causes a bit of salivation and stays lit even putting it down for some time.  There is some saltiness that manifests itself and the caramel taste returns to the cigar.  The complexity of the Apollo is apparent as the aftertaste brings back that initial raisin note and the nicotine has picked up on this final third substantially. The retrohale becomes much woodier towards the end of this final third offering yet another layer of flavor on this cigar.

Overall, an elegantly nuanced cigar with a shade grown wrapper that will sustain your attention for an extended period of time.  The combination of flavors on the retrohale on this cigar is both satisfying to the palate and the nicotine pickup towards the end is heightening.  The Aganorsa tobacco in this cigar is a beautiful blend rendering this cigar quite Cubanesque and the Guardian of the Farm likely will improve with time and I look forward to picking up this cigar again both in the near and long term. At an MSRP of $8, very few cigars will offer this degree of complexity and is a great value buy.

Start Time: 10:55pm

End Time: 12:40pm

Total Smoke Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

GoatKiNG’s Rating: 93 AKA “Box Split”

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Nice review An!  I almost grabbed a 5 pack in my last order but I'll grab a single locally to see how I like em.

Nice review!  I picked up a lot of the same during the one I smoked the other day.  Great cigar, with even more potential. 

Nice! Didn't know you had it in you, you could give John a run for his money. Wish I could distinguish all those different taste nuances, my palette is retarded!

Definitely not, but I plan to write more reviews of cigars.  I've only got a handful in

H Rock Baby!

Great review, An. Approved!
Great review. This one is a winner for me too!
Great review! I am looking forward to lighting one of these up.
Nice work brother! I can't stop smoking these..

Great review An. Thanks to your review during the Chat that night I ordered me some, but now that I've read what u wrote, I'm gonna get me some more! Thx An.

Let me know if you find some, I need some more myself

Got my box from Corona in the mail today.



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