Review: Roma Craft Neanderthal H-Town Lancero (pre-release)

Neanderthal Lancero

7x38 (is my guess)

Stogies World Class, Houston (H-Town) Exclusive

Release: End of June (2016)

Acquired from Jorge of Stogies

Price: ? Unknown (assuming $10-12)

Production: ? Unknown (but limited)

1/3: Draw is slightly snug. Right out of the gate is a huge meatiness and those distinct/rich notes all the Neanderthal sizes have. Massive blast of pepper on retro. Thick, chewy, spicy, peppery smoke..quite a long finish but very clean for how much pepper its pumping out. Deep gritty earth, pepper, meaty, black coffee, and a faint coco on finish are the dominant notes. Very even burn and solid ash.

2/3: A room filling, almost intoxicating aroma is noteworthy. I find the San Andres earthiness and pepper are still leading the pack but a sweetness is building up steam in this third. The black pepper on the retrohale has not budged a bit but the smoke does become a bit more creamy as the draw opens up.

3/3: Just as I think the cigar is getting creamy the pepper (a strong black pepper) starts to take over, this time not on the retro but more on the palate. The retro has become very sweet (almost like burnt sugar and bbq sauce) that I would associate with broadleaf tobacco. The cigar finishes with earth, leather, coffee, sweetness, pepper, smokiness, and smoky oak (a lot of the same flavors I find in the other Neanderthal sizes just a bit more pronounced). Finish shortens. Construction has been perfect!

Overall rating/score: BOX WORTHY!

Assuming these are limited production I will be grabbing a box (or 3) as soon as they are available and will pre-order if possible. Not a cigar to miss out on, especially if you enjoy the Neanderthal (and/or lanceros).

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You had me at neanderthal!
Great review. didn't even need a review for the Neanderthal Lancero...

Right on brother!

On par with with the HoxD for boldness and flavor! Although I enjoyed this one more for its balance.

Dope. The pepper blast and meatiness on the SGP was what hooked me. Must acquire the H-Town.

The SGP is still hard to beat but this is a special lancero....its a must add on the "too buy list".

Great job Charlie.

Hey thanks Coop...I appreciate it!

Nice write-up Charlie. I'll leave these to you lance guys and I'll stick to the HNs and SGPs


Yea...very good match, not sure I want to be the one to make the call on which is better...I would say personal preference on the blend would be the one you'd like more. I'm a huge Neanderthal fan but that Illusione is a fantastic smoke in its own right.

Or that ;-)



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