Over a year ago I reviewed the Merlion Robusto. At the time it was a relatively new release for La Sirena Cigars, and was a cigar that was being distributed by Miami Cigar & Company and being made by La Aurora Cigars. I thought, and still to this day, believe it is the best blend from La Sirena Cigars, and is a cigar that has a nice flavor profile with excellent construction. I know that La Sirena, the original release, does better than these in most shops, but I am not a fan of Connecticut Broadleaf. I smoked this late in the year in 2012, so it was a cigar that was on my list going into 2013 for Top 25 Cigars of 2013. 

There is a reason though that you did not see this cigar on my Top 25 Cigars of 2013. This is a cigar that smokes well young, but does not age well. Over time it loses all of its flavors that are present when young, and it really begins to show mostly cedar and tobacco notes. A cigar has to deliver consistently to do well and over time this cigar did not. While the cigar showed great construction, and it has a cool band, because that matters to Smokin Logan, the cigar just failed to deliver the flavors that made me love the cigar early on. It is a shame to see to this happen to cigars, and it seems to happen more often than not, but that is the way things go. Buy a couple of these and smoke them young. When you want to smoke the cigar, buy it, but don't hold on to them in your humidor.

Seth's Humidor Rating: 93, but Big Tuna gives it a 27/35 (77.1)  

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I 100% agree. I think the Merlion missed the mark. The band is super cool, but the price point vs. the flavor profile produced is completely out of whack.

I have smoked a few and haven't been impressed at all.



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