Cigar Reviewed: Espinosa Laranja H-Town Lancero

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: La Zona

Wrapper: Brazilian

Binder:  Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 7.5 inches

Ring Gauge: 38

Vitola: Lancero

Price Point: $8.50

Release Date: August 2016

"It’s a credit to Stogies in Houston for making this cigar go from a dream to reality and I am grateful for the experience.  At an excellent price point, it’s a no brainer to pick up a stack of Espinosa Laranja H-Town lanceros."

Cold Draw:  The cold draw evokes a slight hint of hay and grain.  There is woodiness with black pepper spice that lingers on the tongue as you draw from it. 

First Third: The initial draw from the lancero leads to a black pepper spice that is very similar to the cold draw.  The lancero does not burn hot or fast but the smoke generation is considerable and the draw is easy despite a slight stiffer spot above the secondary band.  The woodiness of this cigar is pleasant with citrus notes hitting the side of the tongue.  The retrohale has a strong leather and dry hay notes with a subtle cocoa note that comes and goes.

The citrus note prevails as the cigar progresses to the middle of the first third with woodiness that remains on the palate.  The burn line is somewhat wavy but the cigar overall burns at a consistent and even pace with no major or minor touchups needed.  Being the first lancero I’ve had from La Zona, I am very impressed with its construction and consistency.  As I near the end of the first third, the cigar burns at a much slower pace, but the smoke generation and draw produce an ample and steady supply of smoke.

 Second Third: The complexity of the Laranja lancero is evident as the grassy hay note really picks up in the second third.  The citrus and spice combination makes the tongue salivate and is appealing.  The black pepper spice has now yielded to more prominent baking spice flavor.  The nicotine from the cigar begins to sneak up to medium full despite a measured pace. 

The burn line of the cigar stays steady and the ash clings to the cigar but loosens up easily when ashing.  As far as a lancero goes, the performance of the Laranja H-Town is very consistent and at no point are any touchups needed.  As the cigar progresses to the end of the second third the retrohale still provides that sharp citrus notes however the spice dies down considerably bringing back the leather aroma on the retrohale.  An earthiness begins to linger on the palate   

Final Third: The citrus note still hits the tongue and the black pepper spice makes its return for the finale.  The lively smoke output continues on the draw leaving a woody aftertaste.  The leather aroma continues throughout the cigar.

For my first lancero coming out of La Zona I was particularly impressed with its construction and incredible draw.  On my visit to La Zona in February I did not see any lanceros being rolled, but the skill of the rollers and quality control is quickly evident in a high performing lancero that is both complex and giving off well balanced power and flavor.  It’s a credit to Stogies in Houston for making this cigar go from a dream to reality and I am grateful for the experience.  At an excellent price point, it’s a no brainer to pick up a stack of Espinosa Laranja H-Town lanceros.

Start Time: 3:40pm

End Time:  6:00pm

Total Smoke Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

GoatKiNG’s Rating: 91 AKA “Box Split”

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It's a good thing we split a box!

Amen to that

Nice review! 

Thanks, hope you got some because the box price makes it silly cheaps

Another one to add to the list! Nice review!

Yes split a box with shad, it will reduce the price per stick to like $6.50/ea which is $2 less than MSRP

That's a great idea!  Now only if Shad hasn't already ordered a box on his own.....

Also, I wasn't aware of a code for stogies.

Great review brother!

I think the lancero is the best Laranja I have had.

I would agree with this, though I also like the Caixa box press. 

Glad to hear that. Just picked up a few.
Great cigar. I especially like the citrus notes. Not sweet but a hint of blood orange.



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