Recently Smokin Logan asked me to share my true feelings on cigars and just share my overall impression ranking. If you pay attention to my site you will see that I breakdown my cigars in five categories, and that the category with the most weight is overall impression. This category is worth 35 points, and this is often the area where the cigar loses the most points. You don't really see that hit in points in my reviews on my site, so to please Smokin Logan, I will be sharing my thoughts on cigars based off of those 35 points alone. It is here where you will see the ratings drop and the Big Tuna released. To start this process off, we are going to talk about the Aquitaine Knuckle Dragger

The Aquitaine is the strongest line in the RoMa Craft brand and is my favorite line in their portfolio. It is a full flavored smoke that has a ton of strength, and if you are not careful will knock you on your ass. I have smoked a majority of the vitolas in the line, and my favorite is the Knuckle Dragger. The problem with the Knuckle Dragger though is the size. They call it a Petit Robusto, but it has a ring gauge that is bigger than your standard robusto. I love that the cigar measures 4", but why give it a 52 ring gauge? Do you all want to date a girl that is short but fat as hell? NO! If you want to date a short chick you want her to be thin as well! 

This is a cigar that should have been made with a 48 ring gauge and be classified as a Rothschild. Not only could you have made it smaller, but you could have lowered the price on it. The price is great for the smoke, but you can always make it better. When you are a boutique company like RoMa Craft, you are making cigars for the passionate cigar smokers who prefer smaller ring gauges, so why go make a short robusto that is fatter than your standard robusto? I think this is one of those cases where they wanted to make a robusto, but at the same time wanted it to be smaller,  and in the end compromised with this odd size. With that being said...

Seth's Humidor gave it a 94, but Big Tuna gives it a 31/35 (88.6)

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Wow looks like the fins came out Big Tuna.

I would agree with you that the sizing does throw me off, but I think it would come in higher, if I were to rank cigars. I would venture and say, I would rate it a 91. Here is why.

I take price point into consideration a lot, and the price point on all Roma Craft stuff can't be beat. Also, I love the band. I don't know if you noticed it, but it is simple, but if you look at the white band there is raised cave paintings. The cigar itself was designed for me, being triple full.

The only thing I don't like about it, is the fact there are so many freaking vitolas. Skip and I had a chat about this recently. They have focused on line extensions vs. new blends.This is my only complaint.



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